Beautiful 10 Day Jordan Road Trip Itinerary

Jordan Wadi Rum
Jordan is a magical country. With many beautiful sights to see and explore.  However, most of us do not have a month t0 spend in one country and fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the sights and the local culture. Keeping that in mind we have built an itinerary for exactly 10 days by car. This itinerary is built so that people would rest, get some excitement and see some of the most beautiful wonders of Jordan.

General Tips Before Going To Jordan

Jordan Itinerary Aman

A post sharing key points you need to know and be aware before going to Jordan. We either learned it on the spot or were lucky to find it on google before the trip.

Aqaba What To See & What To Do  – 2 days

Jordan Itinerary Aqaba snorkeling

A great place to either start or finish your trip.  It is the only Jordan town near the Red Sea. Popular between tourists for beautiful snorkeling and diving spots.

Wadi Rum  –  2 days

Jordan Wadi Rum Itinerary

Wadi Rum the true flower of Jordan. Plenty to see and explore.  Camping under the stars, camel riding, climbing the tallest mountain in Jordan or even rock-climbing can be found there.  The ones we used for our adventure and the ones that offer all of these services are Wadi Rum Nature Tours and Camp.  You can find our experience below.

Petra – The Bedouins, secret entrances and ancient history  – 2 days

A world wonder. A place where all the roads lead too.  A place to spend more than 2 days.  The 2 posts below talk about the 2 trails we explored with our Bedouin guide. At whose house we stayed. However, if you would like to spend more than 2 days hiking in Petra there are exciting hikes starting at Dana and finishing in Petra.

The Dead Sea, Jerash, and Amman  – 4 days

Hercules Temple Amman

Last post last stops. The Dead Sea, Jerash, and Amman. Important spots to visit but do not require to much time. Around the Dead Sea if you would like to explore more than the Dead Sea you can take a tour in Wadis, relax in the hot springs, or visit religious spots like Mount Nebo, the Jesus baptism place,  or in a beautiful city of  Madaba. We took a more relaxed approach and checked the main spots only. That is Dead Sea, ruins of Jerash and the markets of Amman. You can find our story below.


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